It’s uncomplicated and un-fussy. Our RAVA convertible car seat is filled with extras like 2D growth™ system, five recline positions and side impact protection.

So you can relax and enjoy every magical, messy, covered-with crumbs moment.


Features & Specs

  • Ultra-resilient, top of the line plastics and steel reinforcement make for a heavy duty, secure shell that is strong yet light and compact
  • Five recline positions: one rear-facing and four forward-facing
  • All over side impact protection thanks to our smart SIP system featuring EPO energy absorbing foam
  • No re-thread five-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers, with one pull motion to easily tighten the harness
  • Two-piece flexible insert with infant head and body support is customizable for the perfect fit
  • Ventilation panels on the seat let the air flow and keep your child feeling fresh
  • 2D growth™ system works simultaneously with the headrest—expanding out while growing up
  • One-hand, ten position height adjustable headrest on
  • Dual lock-offs for easy installation with the vehicle seat belt
  • Colored belt path indicators help decrease risk of user error
  • Carefully curated high performance materials and feather weight fabrics
  • Wash with cold water at less than 30 degrees C
  • Two-piece flexible insert with infant head and body support